Pretty in Pink – Classic Cars that Look Great in Pink

Pretty in Pink – Classic Cars that Look Great in Pink

Today pink cars are seldom seen on the street.  Sure, the occasional hard working Mary Kay associate is seen driving her prized pink Cadillac around town, but factory pink cars are very rare.  If you’re a more mature car buff, then you may remember the publicity for Elvis Presley’s first car, a 1954 pink Fleetwood Cadillac.  This was back in the day when pink cars were much more prevalent, although still not any more popular than white, black, silver, red, blue or green.

The 1950’s and 60’s was the heyday for pink cars.  In that time period, America’s Big 3 each offered several cars with the distinctive pink paint job.  Some fashion trends come and go, so you never know, perhaps in 20 years we will all be driving pink cars.  After all, pink is making a comeback in men’s fashion with some encouragement from the adage of “real men wear pink”.

A few cars on this pink car list are not officially pink.  For example, “coral” paint found on a number of models registers as pink to most people.  If you enjoyed this article then please make sure to post a comment below and share.  Have fun enjoying photos of some of the best examples of classic pink cars!


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