Trucks with Epic Custom Flame Paint Jobs

Trucks with Epic Custom Flame Paint Jobs

What better way to make your hotrod pickup truck stand out from the pack than a badass, eye-catching, custom flame paint job!  The right flames on a custom truck can take it to the next level.  Legendary customizers such as Dean Jeffries began painting flames on cars in the early 50’s.  Today, flames live on, but the techniques have become more varied.  These can range from the ultra-realistic airbrushed flames to the basic single color examples.  Ghost flames are a great option if you desire a more subtle look on your truck, as these consist of the flame color matching the rest of the body color.  Some ghosted flame paint jobs are so subtle that you can barely distinguish it from the rest of the basic paint job.  Flame patterns are truly limitless, so you can expect that no two flame paint jobs will be the same.

If you’re considering a custom flame paint job for your truck, then hopefully some of these truck flame paint job pictures will help guide you towards the right design.  Make sure to post a comment below and let us know if you are pondering the idea of painting flames on a pickup truck or if you are already truckin’ with a custom flame paint.



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