Cool Classic Cop Cars

Cool Classic Cop Cars

Most government issued vehicles are a far cry from being head turners for car enthusiasts.  Well, with the exception of perhaps the Presidential limousine, “The Beast,” and some specialty military vehicles.  Otherwise, most U.S. government automobiles are a base trim Suburban, Grand Caravan, Impala or Focus.  Just look at your regional GSA Fleet Auction inventory in which nearly all are bland, rental car grade bore-mobiles.

Despite the seemingly lack of interesting government cars, law enforcement vehicles shouldn’t be counted out.  Outside of the occasional confiscated drug dealer’s wheels that are turned into a D.A.R.E police car or re-purposed military MRAP (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicle used for SWAT, the police actually can have some pretty remarkable rides.  Sure, today’s Dodge Charger Pursuit HEMI V8 is pretty cool, but the real cool cars are from back in the day 25 years or more ago.

Yes, classic cop cars are nowhere nearly as fast as their present-day counterparts, but what they may lack is speed (and modern day safety, convenience, technology, etc) they make up for in nostalgic coolness.  From the early 20’s paddy wagon to the late 80’s 5.0 Mustang, each of these police cars has something remarkable about it.

Which police car is your favorite?  Have seen a unique police vehicle that you wish was included on this cop car list?  Make sure to let us know in the comments below.


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