Outstanding Orange Cars from the Past

Outstanding Orange Cars from the Past

There are certain colors that few cars can pull off well.  Orange is one of those colors.  Now, of course, it’s also a fairly uncommon car color that you’re not likely to see especially often.  Orange is a bold color on a car.  It stands out in the sea of white, black and gray cars permeating the roads these days.  Since it’s a dynamic color, you’re not likely to see orange on more conformist and family-oriented vehicles.  “Look at that orange minivan”, said no one ever.  However, it’s really no surprise that this attention grabbing color is well suited for exotics such as a Lamborghini, Lotus or McLaren that can help steer more eyeballs towards their already eye-catching supercars.  Some non-exotics, including the Challenger and Mustang, can also sport orange paint jobs attractively, although perhaps not as well as the exotics.

Orange automobiles may be fairly scarce nowadays, but go back a few decades and you’ll discover that it was one of the more popular car color choices.  Even some farmers were known to drive an orange vehicle, to honor their beloved orange Allis-Chalmers tractor(s).  While not all classic cars could look good with the color, several of them enhanced their looks with it.  We’ve compiled a gallery featuring some of the best of these classic orange cars, ranging from convertibles to vans.

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